My To-Do-List

Today I am thankful for to-do-lists.

I have a terrible memory.  I can’t remember names, stories from my past or historical events.  There are only two things that I am good at remembering:

1)Where NBA players went to college

2)The theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I have yet to run into many situations where knowing either of those things has come in handy.

My brother Matt once implied that if, heaven forbid, I ever lose my memory completely and he has to take care of me, it won’t be that big of an adjustment for him.  He constantly has to remind me of things from our past, so he will be prepared for when all my memory goes away.

In order to remember to accomplish everyday tasks, I need to keep a to-do-list.  Until recently, I kept my to-do-list on sticky notes around my room.  Once I would complete a task, I would have to immediately cross it out in red pen.  I did this not because I was proud of accomplishing something, rather, I did this because if I didn’t cross it out right away, I was afraid that I would forget that I already finished that to-do-list item.

I now keep a to-do-list on my phone.  Not because I am tech savvy, but because I ran out of sticky notes and kept forgetting to buy them every time I went to the store (just kidding).

My to-do-list really comes in handy with this blog.  It helps me keep track of future posts and make sure I do not forget to post stories that I have already written.  The only thing I struggle with now is remembering to write items in my to-do-list.  I need a to-do-list for my to-do-list.



Thanks to digitalart & for the photo used on the homepage.

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