Where The Sidewalk Ends

I am thankful for Shel Silverstein. 

One of the first books that I remember reading and really enjoying was Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.  The funny poems and drawings made me laugh and want to read more.  That is not something that I could say for many other books when I was a kid.

Silverstein’s silly stories still make me laugh to this day.  I was at the library the other day and walked past a Shel Silverstein book and I just had to stop and read a few pages.

The book I quickly looked through, Everything On It, had a story of a troll who lived in a toilet, a land made of only hands, and an ugly contest.

Sometimes I feel that this blog is too random.  I post about Perry Mason, VHS tapes and competitive eating.  But after reading a few lines from this Shel Silverstein book, I realized that random isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Dude made a career on random (yes, I did just call the great Shel Silverstein dude).

So thank you Mr. Silverstein. Thanks for helping me learn to love to read and for teaching me that random isn’t bad.

Side note, I Googled Shel Silverstein to get an image for this post.  Apparently I had never seen what he looked like because I did a double take when I saw this.  That is definitely not what I expected Shel to look like.  In my mind, he looks more like Willy Wonka or Gary Busey. 


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