Turning a Negative Into A Positive

Walking into church a few Sundays ago I saw two young boys tossing a Gatorade bottle into a trash can.  They were shooting the bottle as if it were a basketball, using the trash can as their basket.  I could hear them joyfully discussing the record for most shots made in a row.

Seeing this made me think two things.  First, I made a mental note not to sit by them at church.  They kept reaching back into the trash can to retrieve their bottle.  I didn’t want to have to shake hands with them at the sign of peace.  Second, I applauded them for their imagination.  Not literally applauded, although they probably would have enjoyed an audience.

Leaving church, I overheard the same kids telling their mom all about the game they invented.  They called it “trash ball.”

I wanted to interrupt and explain to them that they had a great opportunity for a pun and that they should call the game “Trashketball” but then I remembered how germy their hands must be so I decided to keep my distance.

After hearing how their game was played, their mom said, “I am very proud of you guys.  I usually have to bug you to throw away your trash.  But instead of complaining, you made it into a game.  You turned a negative into a positive.”

What are things in your life that you don’t like to do?  Is there a way you can turn those into something positive?  What could be your trash ball?

Thanks to gubgib & FreeDigitalPhotos.net for the photo used on the homepage.

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