One of 172 Million

There is a big difference between the phrases “one in a million” and “one of a million”. “One in a million” means you are unique and stand out from the crowd. “One of a million” means just the opposite, you are just part of a large crowd and there are a million just like you.

Funny how the words “in” & “or” can make such a difference.

I hope that someday this blog becomes one in a million. But I am afraid that with all the other blogs out there, I am currently just one of a million.

That got me thinking…just how many blogs exist in the world wide web? There has got to be more than one million, right? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

My guess at number of blogs in the world:

Since I have no clue where to begin to guess at the number of blogs out there, I am going to use the simplest math that comes to mind.

My family consists of five people. I am the only one who has a blog.  That means that bloggers make up 20% of the people in my family.  Now let’s apply this same ratio to the entire world.

There are roughly seven billion people in the world.  20% of seven billion is one billion 400 million.  So that will be my guess.  I think there are currently one billion 400 million blogs in the world.

Real number of blogs:

While an exact number of blogs reported seems to vary slightly depending on what website you look at, Wikipedia estimates that there are currently 172 million blogs.

That is a ton of blogs, but way less that my guess.

So you could say that I am currently one of 172 million.  That is kind of depressing, but it still sounds better than one of one billion 400 million.

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