Writer’s Block Rhyme

I sit here with my notebook, trying to think of something to write.

But I can’t find the words, despite trying with all of my might.

I want to post something clever, like an old story my readers have enjoyed.

Instead my page stays blank and I begin to become annoyed.

I guess this is writer’s block, when you just don’t know what to say

It is as if I’ve used up all my words, and I have none left for today.

A blog is not good without words, at least that is what I’ve been told.

I could try to start a new trend, but a wordless website seems a little too bold.

What would we do without Blog By Bake, it would be utter devastation.

Where would we get goofy posts, featuring way too much alliteration?

How could this ever happen to a writer so young and new?

If I can’t think of what to write, whatever will I do?

So instead of forcing words on the page and wasting everyone’s time,

I have decided to take a different approach and I’ve come up with this writer’s block rhyme.

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