Do You Accept Rapid ReLords?

When you book a flight on Southwest Airlines you can earn points that you are able to use toward a later flight. They call it Rapid Rewards.  It is a good concept many companies use to create returning customers and reward them for being loyal.

I often wish that God had some type of reward points system that was available for being a Christian.  I think Heaven’s marketing team has dropped the ball in this area.  What, is it getting too crowded up there?  I am pretty sure Heaven wants returning customers, right?

Here are my suggestions for what we could call this Christian reward point system:

  • Rapid ReLords
  • God Bucks
  • Divinity Dollars
  • Church Cash

For instance, volunteering your time at a local hospital could earn you 10 points.  Stopping to help someone who has a flat tire could be worth 5 points. Baking cookies for the church bake sale would earn you 1 point per dozen cookies.

I know the bible says we should all do nice things for people just out of the goodness of our heart.  But come on, I can’t be the only one that has driven by a broken down car on the freeway and thought, “I’d love to stop and help them, but Chipotle is only open for 6 more hours.”  If I knew I could add to my collection of reward points, I instead might think, “I am happy to stop and help…I could really use the points.”

Christians could accumulate as many Rapid ReLords as possible throughout the year and use them on certain thinks like:

  • 1 free Sunday off of attending mass. Costs 25 points
  • 2 free Fridays to eat meat during Lent. Costs 50 points
  • 10 minutes worth of coveting your neighbor’s oxen. Costs 100 points

Nothing major, just a few harmless sins.

The rewards system would not require an annual fee and the points would not expire as long as you renewed your membership by attending mass on Christmas and Easter.  We don’t want to lose repeat customers by making it too difficult to keep your membership.

Some people may argue that maybe this isn’t the best idea.  They would say that Christians could become too focused on spending their Christian reward points and disregard the importance of earning the points.

That may be true, but just wait until you look at your Rapid Rewards account and see you have enough points to covet that new lawnmower your neighbor just bought.  Not so against the idea now, are you?

I wonder what God Bucks would look like. I think it would look serious, yet fun.  Something like this –>

God Buck


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