Audio Books

Do you ever get lost in a great book? You sit down and get transformed to a world of magic, suspense or mystery. Time seems to halt as you joyfully flip through the pages. When you stop to catch your breath you realize that time wasn’t frozen, rather it had flown by and you had been reading for hours.

That is a pretty cool but also mesmerizing feeling.

Now take that experience and add in a car. Not only are you in the car, but you are driving the car. Scary, right?

That is the feeling I often get when I am driving and listening to a great audio book.

I am not that into music or the radio, so I listen to audio books every time I drive. I love getting in my car and being taken for a ride, both literally and literature-ally (is that a word?).

But the only problem is that I’ve found that I get a little too lost in the audio books. I am so focused on the plot and scene that I will drive for 30 minutes and not remember a thing.

And sometimes the audio books also change the speed that I drive. I’ve caught myself driving really fast during a chase scene in the book, or really show during a suspenseful part. Just last night I was listening to an awesome James Patterson book and realized that during a really important part of the story I was only going 50 mph on a 65 mph freeway.

I am starting to wonder if audio books are good for me or not. They definitely make a car ride more enjoyable but am I a bad driver because of them?

I remember reading a study about texting and driving and how much focus is taken away from the road when a person is texting. Does anyone know if there is something out there like that for driving and listening to an audio book?

Hopefully it is not that bad because I am thankful for audio books. I am thankful for their excitement and for the fact that they make a car ride seem shorter. Now I will just have to remember to pull over to the side of the road if the book is getting a little too intense.


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