You Are Awesome

I would like to start off this Kickstarter update by saying one thing.


Just minutes after last week’s update we reached our goal of raising $5,000! I continue to be amazed (and grateful) for the support and excitement for Maury C. Moose and The Forest Noel.

We now have one week left to go and in order to keep the excitement going I am introducing a stretch goal of $7,500. A stretch goal is a funding target set beyond the original Kickstarter goal to increase rewards and encourage continued funding. By hitting this new goal I can offer even more cool stuff.

When I thought about what I can offer for the stretch goal one thing immediately came to mind…more tattoos! I have gotten fantastic feedback and people have let me know that they are really excited about the temporary tattoos.

But the only problem is that only people who have backed at the $100 level and above receive the tattoos. So here’s the new goal…If we can get to $7,500 before the project ends next week, I will give every single backer 10 more Maury C. Moose tattoos! So continue to tell your friends and family about the project and let’s see if we can hit this new goal.

Speaking of tattoos, I am working on the design and wanted to get your opinion. Do you think the tattoos should only include Maury? Or should I also use the book’s title and Maury’s pal Mikey?

Below is an image with each design. Let me know which version you like best in the comments section below.

Tattoo Vote copy

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