Fear Week – No Fear

As I started to put together upcoming blog posts, I began to notice that many had a common theme…fear.

Unfortunately, fear is a big part of our lives. There is much to write about it because it is something we are faced with on a daily basis.

So what do you do with a topic that people can relate to and that you have a lot of content on.

You copy the Discovery Channel and devote an entire week to it.

When the Discovery Channel realized that they had a lot of content on sharks they created Shark Week.

When I realized that I had a lot to say about fear, I decided to create Fear Week.

I am not doing this to scare people. Rather, I am doing this to shine the light on fear and help myself and other people overcome it.

To start off the week, I am using a Memory Monday post and taking you back to the 1990s. A time when Michael Jordan was the king of basketball, Michael Jackson was the king of pop and a little t-shirt company was the king of fear…

If you grew up in the 90s you are likely to remember the No Fear brand of clothing.

For those that don’t, No Fear was a clothing line created by Mark and Brian Simo in 1989 that gained popularity thanks to its somewhat inspirational sports related sayings.

Here are a few sayings that could be found on No Fear shirts…

  • “Bottom of the 9th. Bases loaded. Full count. Two outs. No Fear.”
  • “Bones heal, to play lasts forever. No Fear.”
  • “Been there wrecked that. I love this pain. No Fear.”
  • “Luck is for the rabbits. No Fear.”
  • “Fear tastes like chicken. No Fear.”

These shirts always contained a saying that sounded like they came from Ricky Bobby, followed by the words “No Fear.”

I remember even as a kid thinking the bases loaded saying was confusing. What team am I on? What is the score? If I am the pitcher and I am up 10, then of course I am not afraid.

Despite the confusing sayings, No Fear shirts were cool and made you feel tough.

But did they make you really have no fear?

Probably not. But what if we lived life like it was a No Fear shirt?

Yes, the sayings are silly and yes, I would feel a little strange as a grown up wearing a shirt that says fear tastes like chicken. But wouldn’t it be great to actually believe in no fear.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find one of these funny No Fear shirts for adults. No Fear filed for bankruptcy in 2011 as has since been purchased by new owners who have turned their focus to energy drinks.

So although we can’t look in the mirror and see “No Fear” on our shirt, next time fear is starting to creep into your life, image that you are wearing a shirt that says “been there wrecked that.”

Convince yourself that you have been in this situation before and you were successful. You’ve wrecked fear before and you’ll wreck it again.

Welcome to Fear Week…

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