James Patterson

For today’s Thankful Thursday I am thankful for author James Patterson.

That guy churns out best selling books, like Little Caesars rolls out hot and ready pizzas!

In 2012 alone, Patterson produced 13 total books. As someone who has had to grind to make just one book, I have a deep respect for anyone that can write one book, let alone one book for every month.

And not only does he write books at the same rate as Peyton Manning throws touchdown passes, but his books are phenomenal.

I just got his new book Gone at the library and I can wait to get started on it.

As I mentioned in an earlier Thankful Thursday, I listen to audio books in the car while driving. Most of the time you’ll find me listening to a James Patterson book.

Mr. Patterson has filled the silence for thousands of miles I’ve traveled and he’s made each one enjoyable.

And the best part is that because Patterson publishes a book as often as the Duggars produce kids, I will never run out of his books to read and listen to.

I am thankful for James Patterson and his awesome books!

6 thoughts on “James Patterson

  1. Your reference about the Duggars made me laugh out loud. It’s always nice to find an author that you like that writes LOTS of books. I have several of his books but haven’t gotten around to reading them because my reading list is so long. I always have something else that I want to read first. (I always joke that my life is based around when the next book by certain authors will come out.) Do you have any other authors that you can’t wait for their next book to come out?

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