Think Like a Racer

What do you really want to be?

Do you want to be an actor? A business owner? A mom? A chef?

Dusty Crophopper wanted to be a racer.

In the Disney movie Planes, the main character, Dusty Crophopper, is a crop dusting plane who dreams of becoming a racer.

He trains and eventually qualifies for the upcoming Wings Across the World race.

Dusty is now going up against the fastest racers in the world. Pretty intimidating for just a simple crop duster.

He enlists the help of a veteran WWII fighter plane named Skipper to be his coach.

One thing that Skipper repeatedly tells Dusty is that in order to win the race he needs to “think like a racer.” Dusty has been a crop duster his whole life and if he wants to keep up with the real racers, he need to change his thinking.

This proves to be difficult for Dusty to grasp. Sure he wants to win the race. He feels like he is doing everything he can to win. But there are things that he has to get over so that he can think like a racer.

As a crop duster, Dusty has a sprayer attached to him. Just as it sounds, this is used to spray (or dust) the crops. It is important for a crop duster, but it is a handicap for a racer.

Even though the sprayer slows him down, Dusty will not get rid of it because he feels more comfortable with it on.

It takes awhile, but he finally gets out of his comfort zone and has his sprayer removed. This immediately shows results by reducing his drag, improving his aerodynamics, which allows him to fly faster.

He finally starts to keep up with the other planes. And in standard Disney fashion, you can imagine what happens next.

The lesson Dusty learned is an important one for us as well.

It is one thing to say you want to be a racer. It is another thing to think (and act) like a racer.

What do you really want to be?

it’s time to start thinking like a racer.

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