Bad Becomes Good

Have you ever had something bad turn into a miracle in the matter of seconds?

Auburn Tiger football fans have.

Auburn’s Chris Davis returned a missed field-goal attempt more than 100 yards for a touchdown on the game’s final play to lift No. 4 Auburn to a 34-28 victory over No. 1 Alabama this past Saturday.

The play has been described as “amazing” and “a miracle”.

The miracle was possible because something bad happened to Auburn first.

0:00. The clock had run out after Alabama’s T.J. Yeldon ran to the Auburn 39. The game was headed for overtime. But after the insistence of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, a review ruled that Yeldon stepped out of bounds with one second left.

If you asked any Auburn at that very moment, 99.9% of them would say that the review was bad. They probably would have said that Alabama gets all the breaks. See, Auburn fans thought they were headed for overtime, but now the extra second allowed Alabama to attempt a game winning field goal. Not good if you are a Tiger fan. Definitely bad.

Well, you know what happened next.

One second things were bad. And literally one second later things were amazing.

It was because of the bad that the amazing happened.

It is important to know that bad doesn’t always stay bad. Bad can become good.

That doesn’t always mean the good will happen one second later.

Sometimes it takes days.

Take the amazing story of a boy I met who grew up in Haiti and broke his arm when the horrible earthquakes in 2010 destroyed his parents’ house.

There is nothing good about broken arms, earthquakes or destroyed houses.

But the story doesn’t end there.

To fix their son’s broken arm, his parents took him to the doctor. The doctor found that the boy not only had a broken arm, but he also had cancer.

Luckily, the doctor caught the cancer early enough that they were able to treat the boy and now he is a healthy 8 year old.

Would his family have found the cancer if not for the earthquake?

I don’t know.

But I do know that bad became good.

If we think about it, I bet we all can remember a time when something we considered bad turned out to be really good. Maybe it wasn’t an amazing, game-winning play or a miracle, life-saving discovery.

Your bad won’t always have an ending made for the movies. But that doesn’t mean it will stay bad.

Next time something bad happens to you, think of Auburn football, or a boy with a broken arm, and remember that what’s bad one second might just be good the next.


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