Ingredients For Your Perfect Life

How often do you think about having the perfect life?

Actually, the better question is, do you even know what that life would look like?

After all, each one of us have different views of perfect. Your idea of a perfect life is probably very different from mine.

So how do you know what you mean by your perfect life?

Here’s an interesting exercise that might help you answer that question.

Take a piece of paper and spend 30 seconds writing down everything you can think of that would go into making your perfect life. Anything that comes to mind, write it down, no matter how silly it may seem. Don’t spend time over thinking this, just write down whatever pops into your brain.

The list you come up with, we can call the basic ingredients for your perfect life.

I hope that your list will be very telling of what you find important in life. Not necessarily what your husband, wife, brother or sister finds important.

Once you have your list, then think about how much time you spend collecting and preparing those ingredients.

I know nothing about cooking, but I would guess that an expert chef spends a great deal of time preparing the ingredients that go into her signature dish. She can’t make a masterpiece just by collecting whatever is sitting around.

You are your own expert chef. So spend sometime thinking about your ingredients. What areas are you not spending enough time on? And how do you expect to perfect your dish (aka life) unless you work on your ingredients.


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