12 Days of Christmas

One of the best things about the Holiday season are the Christmas songs.

There are dozens of great Christmas songs in nearly every genre you can think you. You have the Christmas classics like White Christmas & Silent Night. Entertaining toe-tappers like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. And you even have ones that plain just don’t make much sense like I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.

Listening to Christmas songs the other day, I came across another favorite Holiday tune, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Hearing those lyrics made me question a few things.

First, what was this guy thinking giving his true love so many birds?

By my count, this poor lady received 23 birds. And I am sure the birds were going crazy with all the noise the drummers and pipers were making.

The next question I have is, how much did all this cost?

I am pretty cheap, so I have a hard time buying a $25 book off of Amazon as a Christmas present. I can’t imagine how much this crazy guy spent buying all that stuff for his true love. Sounds like he was trying a little too hard to make up for something. Maybe he forgot her birthday.

That’s what I am wondering today…How much money do the items in The 12 Days of Christmas cost?

According to Forbes.com, a guy would have to shell out $27,393.17 in order to buy all 78 items mentioned in the song.

And that is if he took the time to buy everything the traditional way, by going to jewelry and pet stores (although I am not sure where you buy a lord).

It would cost $39,762.61 to buy everything online. That amounts to about 45% more than buying in person.

Why the higher cost for online shopping, you ask? Forbes says it is because of premium shipping costs for birds. Who knew that birds cost so much to ship??

So while we may not all agree on what the best Christmas song is, I think we can agree on one thing…the dude from The 12 Days of Christmas must either be crazy, or crazy rich.

And with that, I will leave you with The 12 Days of Christmas sung by your favorite Disney characters.


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