Top 10 List of Why I’m Thankful For Lists

For today’s Thankful Thursday I am thankful for lists. Whether is it is a top 10 list, a top 25 list or a grocery list, there are many things to like about lists.

And what a better way to show why I am thankful than by creating a top 10 list.

Here’s my top 10 list of why I am thankful for lists…

10. They Don’t Always Have To Make Sense

When I knew I wanted to write about lists, I wondered if anyone would want to read it. Then it came to me, what if I put it in a list? A list about lists doesn’t make sense, but I bet a heck of a lot more people will care about it this way as opposed to if I just wrote a bunch of paragraphs about why I like lists.

9. They Allow For Versatility

If you are like me, you are never quite sure how long paragraphs should be. Is one sentence too short, is six sentences too long? The great thing about lists is that you can make them as long or as short as you’d like and no one seems to care.

8. They Are Easy To Read

People like to scan through articles before they decide if they are going to read it. That is hard to do with a bunch of random paragraphs and it leads to people checking out and not reading what you wrote. With lists, readers are able to easily scan through with their eyes and stop when they see a item that they find interesting.

7. They Test Your Creativity

I wasn’t sure if I could come up with 10 actual reasons why I like lists. It would have been easier to make this a top 5 list or a top 3 list. But I wanted to test myself and my creativity and see what I could come up with. It is probably not a bad thing to test your creativity every now and then.

6. You’re Allowed To Have Space Fillers

Sometimes you can’t come up with 10 perfect list items and you just need to fill space. The end.

5. They Make You Feel Like David Letterman

I will never be a comedian or a late night talk show host, but thanks to his popular top 10 lists, I feel a little like David Letterman when I make my lists.

4. Readers Have An Opinion Of Them

People read a list and think, ‘I would have put number 4 at number 8 and I would have added blank for number 3.’ I’m pretty sure they don’t think ‘I would move paragraph 7 up above paragraph 3’ when they are reading a narrative with a ton of long paragraphs.

3. They Are Fun to Write

I enjoy writing all of my blog posts. If I didn’t, I would not write them. But for some reason, lists are just a little more fun to write. I guess it probably has to do with the versatility and creativity I mentioned earlier. Whatever it is, they are just plain fun to write.

2. You Can Make A List Of Anything

I’ve made a list of things like books, movies and Kickstarter but I haven’t even scratched the surface of lists. If you just Google top 10 list you will see every topic imaginable from top 10 list of antioxidant rich foods to top 10 list of zombie movies.

1. People Love Them

Nearly every top 10 list I post becomes among the most popular things that I’ve done on the blog. If I were to create a top 10 list of the posts with the most website traffic, I bet the majority would be top 10 lists.


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