Top 10 Posts of 2013

This time of year, many radio shows, TV programs and websites will feature a best of segment where they recycle material they have already used throughout the year.

Not only is it a easy (or lazy) way to fill some time (or pages), but it is also a fun way to recap what happened in the past 12 months.

Although this blog has not existed for 12 months, I thought I would join in the ‘best of’ fun and feature my most popular posts from 2013.

Keep in mind these are based on my blog traffic statistics, so they may or may not represent what I (or readers) feel are actually the best posts that I have written.

Top 10 Blog by Bake Posts of 2013

# 10. Why Write? – June 10th

One of my very first posts, “Why Write?” discusses an article titled “The Power of the Pen: Boosting Happiness, Health, and Productivity”  by Adam Grant that talked about a study done on one hundred senior engineers that were laid off by a computer company. Some of the engineers were asked to keep a journal and some were not. Click here to read what happens next and learn how daily writing can be very powerful.

# 9. Free T-Shirts – July 18th

This Thankful Thursday posts describes why I will never be named to GQ’s best dressed list. I ask myself the very important question of: Should I continue with my frugal attire or is it time to act like a grown up and learn to dress properly? Click here for more!

# 8. Manners – September 19th

The #8 post of the year features another Thankful Thursday topic where I discuss a disgusting visit to the library. Click here to read what could have happened to make me so thankful for my parents teaching me manners.

# 7. What’s On Your Bucket List – July 10th

Do you have a bucket list? Better question, have you ever wondered where that term came from? I did, and now I know the answer. Do you want to know the answer? If so, click here.

# 6. Top 10 Lines From Kid President’s Teacher Pep Talk – September 17th

Of all the new people I learned about in 2013, Kid President is by far my favorite. That kid has an infectious laugh and is always spreading hope. In this post, I talk about one of Kid President’s awesome videos! Click here to view the video and see what I had to say.

#5 – 1 Coming tomorrow…

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