Rhyme Week

I am going to start off this post by letting you all know that this week I will be using performance enhancements. Not only did I figure it would be my only chance at being compared to some of the best baseball sluggers of all time, but I thought it was better to be honest and admit it upfront since you will be skeptical when you see how great my posts are this week.

Confused? Let me explain…

Recently my mom gave me a book titled, The Complete Rhyming Dictionary. She either gave it to me as a nice gift or as a subtle hint that my rhymes need a little work. Whatever the reason, I thought I would get some use out of this book and see if I can do an entire week’s worth of posts in rhyme. Sound impossible? We will find out in no time. (rhyme 1, check!)

The rest of this week on Blog by Bake will be known as Rhyme Week. And like I said, I will be using The Complete Rhyming Dictionary to enhance my performance. So if you don’t like the rhymes, don’t blame me, blame the book’s editor Clement Wood.

Just kidding, don’t blame Clement, I’m sure he’s a swell guy.

And away we go…

One segment on this blog is the Memory Monday post.

It is when I write about myself, but I do it not to boast.

It is a time to look at my history and try to learn something from my past.

But my life is sometimes boring, so who knows how long this feature will last.

The posts aren’t always exciting or drama filled like on Glee.

They are simply just something that comes from my memory.

I’ve discussed competitive eating and a game of Wiffle Ball.

I’ll talk about all the smart and dumb things I’ve done, anything I can recall.

Who knows what you will get out of my tales or what lessons you will learn.

But instead of me sharing all the stories, I think you should have a turn.

Recall your most memorable story, like when you got the high score on Frogger.

And let me know in the comments below if you’d like to share it and be a guest blogger.

Well that’s enough for now, I hope this posts is a good sneak peek.

Of what you will encounter for the rest of Rhyme Week!

4 thoughts on “Rhyme Week

  1. I have too many memorable stories to pick just one. I suppose that’s what happens when you spend 4 years living in another countries as a child being a missionary kid. A few of my favorite stories include: puppies, kittens, cousins, sleepovers, almost being robbed at gun point, potholed filled roads, snorkeling vacations, eating lunch in trees, dancing in epic rainstorms and getting unbelievably muddy, landslides, near death experiences. Talk about excitement. 😉

    1. Great story! Funny how nowadays there are many popular mud runs that adults pay a lot of money to participate in. But kids have been doing it for free for years!

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