Rhyme Week – Blog by Bake

This week is called Rhyme Week on Blog by Bake,

And you might be thinking, jeez how gimmicky a blog can this guy make?

He can’t seriously think we would want a week of rhymes, its got to be a mistake.

I can just hear another one coming and it sounds scarier than a rattlesnake.

If he doesn’t stop soon he will give us a headache.

Seriously all these rhymes are more than we can take.

But I guess they are not all bad, maybe we should give him a break.

I will give Rhyme Week a chance and stop my bellyache.

Plus he is delivering on his promise of a week full of rhymes, so at least he’s not fake.

And rhyming all week has got to be a difficult task to undertake.

Instead of badmouthing him, I think he deserves a nice handshake.

In fact I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s, which I’ll read as soon as I wake.

And to see if he’s added more rhymes, I will check for a new post during my lunch break.

A rhyme would go well with my strawberry shortcake.

Turns out this week is better than winning Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

It has got me thinking all night about rhymes, as I lie awake.

It is kind of contagious, it is like a rhyming outbreak.

I just can’t get enough, give me more for goodness sake.

Turns out I really love Rhyme Week on Blog by Bake.

2 thoughts on “Rhyme Week – Blog by Bake

  1. I love the idea of rhyme week
    I am doing my best to compete but it looks bleak
    Your blogs are enjoyed each day
    The subjects are quite interesting I must say
    Maybe you could write another book
    And Maury might even catch a crook
    Looking forward to your visit and having lunch
    With my favorite writer in the Baker Bunch
    You will probably read this and say “Ha”
    I have a wild and crazy Grandma

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