Wonder Why Wednesday Rhyme

Today I wondered just how many words rhyme with rhyme.

But I thought if looked it up it would take too much time.

Luckily a book made it simple and in no time I was done.

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary gave me the answer of 61.

Who knew there were 61 words that are true rhymes with rhyme.

There are many words to choose from, like climb, slime, or grime.

I found the answer so fast, this Wonder Why Wednesday is done.

It was over so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to throw in a pun.

Since this post was finished so soon, I won’t get paid for overtime.

But I guess I never get paid at all, I never see a dime.

Imagine if I got paid per rhyme, this week I’d make a ton.

Unless you think that rhymes are lame and this week is overdone.

I really should stop now since I know about many words rhyme with rhyme.

In case you forgot, the answer is 61.

(Wait a minute that last set didn’t even rhyme! Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention)

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