Thankful Thursday Rhyme

Today I am thankful for rhyming,

Because it makes bland writing sound fun.

It’s a terrific twist to text,

That can be done by anyone.


There are many reasons to be thankful for rhymes,

For one, it gives words some spunk.

It is the word equivalent of Storage Wars,

Because it can make treasure out of junk.


Rhymes are enjoyable to read,

And also fun to write.

Rhyming is so great at breaking bad writer’s block,

You could call them Walter White.


Some of the best rhymers are doctors,

Like Dr. Seuss or Dr. Dre.

They come up with such clever rhymes,

That stick in your head and never go away.


A rhyme can be defined,

As two words that sound the same.

Three rhymes in a row is a NBA Jam

Where you catch fire, like Hunger Games


Are you still skeptical about rhyming?

Still doubt you can have fun with words?

Just give it a try for yourself,

And you will have more fun than playing Angry Birds


I guess I’ve said enough good things about rhymes

But for all these reason and many more,

I hope you get my point,

That it is rhyming I am thankful for.

Thankful ThursdayClick the image above for more Thankful Thursday posts


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