According to Wikipedia

Every week I have a Wonder Why Wednesday post where I answer a question that I have been wondering about.

And nearly every week I look in one place to find my answer…Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has organized information so well that it has become the default place to start my search when I want to learn about something.

In the off chance that Wikipedia doesn’t have what I am looking for, I am tempted to give up and stop my search altogether.

If I can’t find it on Wikipedia, then I feel it probably doesn’t exist.

I did a quick search through my blog and I have used the phrase “according to Wikipedia” 11 times.

Maybe I should consider changing the name from “Wonder Why Wednesday” to “According to Wikipedia.”

So for that fact and more, I am thankful for Wikipedia. Thank you for providing answers to all of my life’s questions.

Thankful ThursdayClick the image above for more Thankful Thursday posts

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