Facing Many Troubles

“The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.”

~ Psalm 34:19

When bad things happen, I often wonder, “Why me? What did I do wrong?”

Sometimes I think “I didn’t do one bad thing today, why am I stuck in traffic. Doesn’t God know that traffic is only for sinners??”

The above line from Psalm 34 helps answer that question.

It doesn’t say if you are good then nothing bad will happen. It says that even the good (or righteous) will face traffic (aka many troubles).

That’s no fun. And it would be a major bummer if it stopped there. But the best part of Psalm 34:19 is the 2nd half of the sentence.

The Lord comes to the rescue each time.

“Comes to the rescue” is a fun visual. I like picture a superhero swooping in and saving someone from a burning building.

In real life, the Lord’s rescue style very rarely involves swooping. But he is still there for the rescue. Even though it might not always feel as obvious as a swoop.


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