Change is Coming to Blog By Bake

As I have written before, change is difficult but many times it is for the best. What can seem like a major adjustment will often lead to something bigger and better.

With that in mind, I would like to make you all aware that there is an upcoming change to Blog By Bake.

It has been a blast to write on this blog over the past year and I hope that I have piqued your interest with some of my posts. In order to provide more attention grabbing content, I am proud to announce that I have joined forces with an awesome site called Attention.Land!

In a world full of options the appropriately named Attention Land has one simple goal…to land your attention. The domain name is simply Attention.Land (not .com or .org, it’s really .land). Check out the brief explanation of the site here and you’ll find a place devoted to creating content that you can’t ignore and wouldn’t want to miss.

So take a few minutes and check it out. Browse around and you’ll see some familiar stories mixed in with brand new topics. If you like to have the posts delivered right to your inbox, all you have to do is enter your email address is the box on the right of the page (beneath the Twitter feed).

To ease everyone into this change I will be posting the same information on both Attention Land & Blog By Bake for a few weeks. But eventually, my daily posts will only occur on Attention Land.

For those of you who enjoy my writing style, don’t worry, not much will change. I will be the same writer, only with a great team around me that will keep your attention far longer than I ever could by myself.

To get you familiar with the transition, I have posted today’s story, titled Burn The Ship, to Attention Land and you can find it by clicking here.

I hope you all enjoy the site! Let me know what you think.



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