What Do You Wonder?

Every Wednesday, I write about something that makes me wonder. I discuss things like: Why Twitter Has a 140 Character Limit, What Was The First Text Message & How Many Words Are In The English Language.

I have appropriately named this segment “Wonder Why Wednesday” and it is by far my favorite reoccurring feature on this blog. I enjoy it so much because I am constantly wondering things. I always have questions floating around in my brain and it is fun to look up the answers.

But this blog shouldn’t be all about me. It should also be about you, the reader. I am sure you are like me and wonder many different things, right?

I want to hear what you wonder about. What have you been dying to know? Is there a question you want to know the answer to?

This Wonder Why Wednesday post is all about you. What are you wondering? Let me know in the comment section below and I will add them to my list of questions that I will answer this year.


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