There are many days where I feel like a great planner but poor do-er. My to do list is jammed packed and I have enough pens and sticky notes to make a Staples salesman jealous, but I just do not produce enough results.

During days like those, I feel amateurductive. Maybe beginnerductive or collegelevelductive, but definitely not PROductive.

And I am not talking about being one of those people who say there are just not enough hours in the day. My amateurductive days are filled with plenty of hours. In fact, adding more hours would just be adding wasted time.

My intentions are pure. I plan to do big things, but I do little.

I used to think that the way to break out of being amateurductive was to take on a big task. Something like clean the entire house or write a 50,000 novel. Surely, that would help me carpe the rest of my diem, right?

Wrong. To someone feeling amateurductive, tackling a giant task is like asking a pop warner football players to tackle Cam Newton. Not gonna happen.

Instead I need to focus on being dabblerductive. Rather than try to ramp up to pro, I need to start to dabble. I may never clean the whole house, but I can dabble with a few dishes. I may not write 50,000 words, but I can dabble with a blog post or two.

Some days, I may be a poor do-er but I can still be a decent dabbler.


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