Embrace Success

Prior to Sunday’s NBA All–Star Game, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich gave Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green some pretty good advice:

“I was the first one (from the West) announced,” Green said, “and I was standing next to him (Popovich), and coach said, ‘Man, did you hear what Drake just said? He said this is the game with the 24 best players in the world. You’re one of those guys. Embrace it all, because you never would have thought that when you were at Michigan State, and I never would have thought that when I was coaching Division II, but we’re here.’” Green told MLive.com

Popovich began his career at Pomona-Pitzer College and Green was considered an undersized forward who few considered a future NBA star. Now each of them are at the top of their field. Each worked hard to get there and has been rewarded.

Popovich didn’t say to flaunt the success and he didn’t tell Green to call each person who doubted him and ask, “how ya like me now?” He simply said to embrace the success. This perspective is something we should all remember.

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