7 Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Single Day

Many times, I will read something online and immediately think, “that was great, I wish I wrote it.” I may not have written it, but I can still share it.

Here’s the latest…

7 Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Single Day by Peter Economy

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you are not happy, well then, I have the article for you.

In a story for Inc., Peter Economy writes that, “The secret to true and lasting happiness might be much closer than we think.” When we are unhappy, we think of happy people and figure they must be living in another universe. But Economy points out that is not the case. He highlights seven things that we should start incorporating into our daily routine.

  1. Choose to exercise
  2. Choose to take care of your body
  3. Choose to be polite


Click here to read the rest of the list.

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