April Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of April:

Questions I Asked –

Where did April Fools Day come from? – This Wonder Why Wednesday happened on a Friday. Try to wrap your brain around that.

Who invented Yoga? – Fun fact: When you type “who invented yog” into a Google search, the top search is “who invented yoga pants.”

Who Invented The Pancake? – Whoever it is, I want to shake their hand and say thank you.

Can A Dog Catch A Cold From You? – No, but cats on the other hand…

Who Invented Clapping? – Spoiler alert: it was not Eric Clapton

Things We Learned –

What Children Think About When Writing A Book – They aren’t wondering about the things you may think.

What Children Don’t Think About When Writing A Book – Kids aren’t too worried about the whole “writing process.” They just want write. This is what they care about.

About the greatest invention ever… The PancakeBot

What my neighbor was really doing when it looked like she was sweeping dirt onto more dirt.

How To Get Over Self-Doubt – The key is to realize that everyone is capable of learning (we’ve been doing it our whole lives, after all).

Who is the world’s fastest clapper – Spoiler alert: it is not Eric Clapton

Fun With Numbers –

10 More Strange But True Facts – Did you know Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in New York City? Do I hear plot for National Treasure 4???

6 times we fast forward – & 6 things we can do to fast forward less.

5 good things – Feel like there is nothing but negative stories online, on TV and in the newspaper? Here’s a little pick me up.

7 Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Single Day – Here’s the latest edition of I Wish I Wrote It

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