Here’s One Way To Be Original

In today’s world we often feel like every unique idea has already been thought of and acted upon. Being original is tough.

Here’s one way to stand out from the crowd…use smoke bombs.

When getting married, most people announce their ‘save the date’ via email or Facebook. It is not uncommon to see a posting on Instagram from the happy couple or to receive a refrigerator magnet with the wedding’s date and location. While all of those things are great, they are hardly original.

My buddy Dorrell is not like most people, so it should come as no surprise that he chose a different route when telling friends and family his wedding date. While most people are showing their love with emoji, Dorrell is using smoke bombs. Check it out his video…

I love that the video starts off dramatic but quickly changes to funny. In the first few seconds, you wouldn’t be shocked to hear a voice over with a deep-baritone saying, “In a world with one wedding to end all weddings…”, but by the end, you expect to see the screen filled with the words, “from the makers of Dumb and Dumber.”

The video is outside the box, unique and memorable.

Again, there is nothing wrong a cookie-cutter idea like announcing your wedding date on Facebook, but if you want to be original, take a page from Dorrell’s book and use smoke bombs.



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