May Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of May:

Questions I Asked –

What’s The Difference Between Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Gelato – This might be the tastiest Wonder Why Wednesday ever!

What Was The First Disney Movie? – Before I researched the answer, I guessed Fantasia…I was wrong.

Why Are Some Belly Buttons Innies & Some Outies? – Just like getting over a bad breakup, it is all about healing.


Things We Learned –

If This Can Happen To Frozen, It Can Happen To Us – Before it won two Academy Awards and grossed over $1 billion, the Disney Film needed work…a lot of work.

One Way To Be Original – My buddy Dorrell made sure his wedding announcement wasn’t boring. Check out how.

Writing A Book Is A Lot Like This… – If you are from Arizona, you’ll understand.

The Possible Side Effects to Joy – Prescription drugs aren’t the only thing that have side effects.

There is a thing called Vuja de – It is kind of like déjà vu, only in reverse.

How To Win An Argument – This video is for those of us who are not great at arguing.

What exactly a Locus of Control is – This two part post can be found here and here.

Why We Should Imagine The Worst – Turns out thinking about the worst things that can happen might not be so bad after all.


Fun With Numbers –

5 Things We Can Learn From The Great Wall Of China – Can you see the Great Wall of China from space? No, but you can learn a thing or two from it.

101 Dalmatians lied to me – I am not afraid of Cruella De Vil, but I am afraid of many things. Here’s a few.

7 Lessons About Finding the Work You Were Meant to Do – The first thing we should do is change our verb from find to fight.

10 More Strange But True Facts – Learn why you can’t drive to Mars and what I have in common with ladybugs.

5 Things We Can Learn From Holidays – The can teach us more than just why 3-day weekends are so great.


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