My New Goal

The other day I was writing a post and I was going to make the following joke:

I’ve got good news and I have bad news. Bad news…there is nothing we can do about it. Good news…the McRib is back.

I know it was dumb, but it made me chuckle. Before I used it, I thought I would check to see if, in fact, the McRib is back. I would hate for my joke to be both dumb and a lie.

I Googled, “Is the McRib back” and found Yes, that is a site completely dedicated to where you can find the sandwich, equipped with a real time tracker, a map showing the most recent sightings, and a blog with international news.

Apparently the McRib is a big deal. Their Facebook page has nearly 15x as many fans as my books do.

As a writer, I used to have a goal of hitting the New York Times Best Seller list. Now my new goal is just to be as popular as the McRib.

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