7 Mistakes We Make to Be Successful & What We Should Do Instead

Many times, I will read something online and immediately think, “that was great, I wish I wrote it.” I may not have written it, but I can still share it.

Here’s the latest…

7 Mistakes We Make to Be Successful & What We Should Do Instead by Emma Seppala

When we are getting started in our careers, we think that we won’t be happy until we are successful. We want to do whatever it takes to scale the corporate ladder so that we can one day sit back, relax and enjoy life. In doing so, we often sacrifice joy in the short term and just hope we will get it in the long term.

But is it possible that happiness is actually the secret to success?

Yes! In her book, The Happiness Track, Emma Seppala provides many examples of how happiness leads to success; not the other way around. I’ve written about the book before, but if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, Emma has created an awesome infographic that shows the false happiness theories we believe and why each one is wrong.

In her article, Emma says,

If you prioritize your happiness, you will actually be more productive, more creative, more resilient, more energized, more charismatic and influential. You will have more willpower and be more focused, with less effort.”

Do you want to be more creative, resilient, energized, charismatic and influential? If so, check out the entire article here.

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