Brickhouse Roundtable Part 2: New Beginnings

I was fortunate to be asked to participate in Brickhouse Podcast’s latest roundtable discussion. Among other things, we talk about Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant & Tim Duncan.


A league without Duncan and Kobe is really the end of an era. To make the next season even more surreal multiple future Hall of Famers, some synonymous with their cities, are on new teams. In the moment it’s hard to know, but it feels like excitement for the NBA right now is near an all-time peak. We had to ask our panel of analysts for their breakdown of all the changes.

1. With Kevin Durant gone, what happens now with Russell Westbrook?

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Maybe This Is How I Should Describe My Blog

I often struggle to describe my blog when talking with other people.

I am by no means an expert on any subject. I don’t really stick to one topic. And just when the posts seem to follow some type of theme, Wednesday happens and I throw in a random article about something that comes out of left field.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the blog, the randomness just makes it hard to label.

But today I learned a word that may change everything…


Back in the 16th– and 17th-century rich Europeans would own a Wunderkammern. This was a room in their house filled with rare objects that exhibited the family’s thirst for knowledge.

The room was called a “wonder chamber” or a “cabinet of curiosities.” It would be filled with books, jewelry, artwork, plants, minerals, bones, or any other exotic artifact. They were a place dedicated to the study of the world and the amazing things it contained.

I don’t write much about bones or plants, but maybe my blog is my Wunderkammern. It is not a room, per se, but it is my collection of things I find interesting.

Whenever I think about what I will write about, I usually find the answer in something I wonder about, things that make me curious and the amazing things going on in our world.

Maybe I should start referring to my blog as my wonder chamber or cabinet of curiosities.

Wonder Why Wednesday Revisited

Fireworks are pretty remarkable. The colorful explosions and bursts of light + sound are an amazing thing to witness. On the 4th of July, I couldn’t help but wonder about how this wizardry happens.

And then I remembered…I already learned this one.

But much like fractions or what an adverb is, I have forgotten plenty of things I once learned.  So I decided today I would revisit an old Wonder Why Wednesday post and see if maybe this time the knowledge will stick.

Here’s a post from 2013 that answers the question:

How Do Fireworks Work?