An Example of Great Writing

The world is full of great writing. So I decided I would highlight some examples whenever I stumble on them. Here’s one I came across from Rules of Civility by Amos Towles.

To begin, Wallace ordered aspic, of all things, and I had the house salad — a terrific concoction of iceberg greens, cold blue cheese and warm red bacon. If I were a country, I would have made it my flag.”

The main character and narrator, Katey, is at dinner with her friend Wallace. The above line describes her order. It would have been fine to say the food was delicious. It would have been ever better to say something like, “the food made my taste buds jump for joy.” However, saying, “If I were a country, I would have made it my flag” is fantastic!

It is such a unique was of describing a salad and it really paints a picture of how much Katey enjoyed the meal.

That is some great writing!

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