Good News If You Are Feeling Lonely

If you are feeling lonely, I have good news and I have bad news.

Bad news…our brains are very powerful. Good news…our brains are very powerful.

Let me explain…

Have you ever felt alone? Perhaps your best friend moved to Africa or maybe your sister got married and now you are not only looking for a roommate, but you’re also in need of plans for Saturday night for the rest of your life.

Being lonely is no fun. But you know what is worse…feeling lonely.

Studies have shown that feeling isolated or unconnected to others does more bodily damage than actual isolation. At first glance, this seems odd. Wouldn’t it be worse to actually be all by yourself than just feeling alone?

Like I said, our brains are very powerful. They can do damage just by feeling alone.

Thanks a lot brain.

But there is good news…our brains are powerful And we can use that power to our benefit.

Just because your friend moved to the other side of the world or your sister chose to say “I do” to some guy, doesn’t mean that you have to remain feeling lonely.

Research has also found that simply imagining having a conversation with someone has the same impact on your brain as actually talking with them. You can relive past moments of connection and create new ones without them actually being in the room, or continent.

This may sound odd, but I believe it to be true. My grandfather “talks” to my grandmother every night, despite the fact that she has been dead for over two years. I know those conversations mean the world to him and help him feel less lonely.

So, next time you are feeling isolated, (and we are all going to feel it sometime) remember that the other person doesn’t actually have to be there for you to have a conversation with him/her.

Thanks a lot brain.

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