5 More Reasons I Don’t Trust Coconuts

If you read yesterday’s Wonder Why Wednesday post, you know I am leery of coconuts. After publishing that post, I thought maybe I had been too hard on them, so I decided to do some research and get to know this weird fruit a little better.

Turns out, I didn’t like what I found. Here are 5 things I learned that make me trust coconuts even less than I did yesterday:

  1. They are neither coco nor nut – they are technically a drupe, which has to be the most depressing name for a fruit.
  2. Coconut water can be a substitute for blood plasma – sure it can…either that or it is a ploy to infect our blood stream.
  3. The white part of the coconut is called coconut meat – now they are trying to take over meat?!? What’s next, we will learn the brown part on the outside is called coconut pizza?
  4. The origin of the coconut has been lost to history – seems to me like they are running from something.
  5. Burning the husk acts as mosquito repellent – Basically they are only good when you light them on fire.


Sources: Top Food Facts & Science Kids


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