The Face of a Fighter

A very small percentage of the population will every have to experience a bone marrow transplant. TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager just underwent his third.

“It’s less than 1 percent of the total number of transplants,” said Dr. Muzaffar Qazilbash, Sager’s stem cell transplantation physician. “It’s very rare to have three transplants.”

If you expect Sager to feel broken down and beaten, you are wrong. He is tackling this new challenge head on with a smile on his face. The same smile that was there for the first transplant…and the second.

As Sager continues his fight against acute myeloid leukemia, he whats to share some important words:

Man, life is too beautiful, too wonderful, there’s just too many things. It’s not just you. It’s your family and kids and all. Fight. Fight until the end. Fight as hard as you can.”

Sager is able to keep fighting thanks to the generosity of an unnamed 20-year-old male donor. If you would like to help others in their fight, sign up to be a part of the bone marrow registry at


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