Another Example of Great Writing

The world is full of great writing. So I decided I would highlight some examples whenever I stumble on them. Here’s one I came across from Once I Pass’d Through a Populous City by Walt Whitman.

Day by day and night by night we were together,—All else has long been forgotten by me.”

In this poem, Whitman is writing about a time he went on vacation and wanted to remember everything about the city he was visiting — the “architecture, customs, and traditions.” But try as he might, he only remembers one thing, a woman he met during his travels.

An average writer would have said something like, “I had a good trip, but being with you was the best part.” A good writer would have said something along the lines of, “our time spent together meant more to me than anything else I experienced on my trip.”

As someone who not only appreciates great writing, but also has a bad memory, I particularly like the way Whitman chose to word his line.

That is some great writing!

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