5 Things We Can Learn From Our Couch

The great thing about learning is that it is not confined to certain times or a specific location. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

I like to highlight this fact by, once a month, looking at things we encounter on a daily basis and seeing what important lesson we can from them.

In today’s installment of “Five Things We Can Learn From Everyday Objects” we are going to talk about something that we spend a lot of time on, but might not spend much time thinking about…

5 Things We Can Learn From Our Couch

1. We Don’t Have To Just Sit On It

Sure, most of the time we spend with our couch, we are just sitting on it — watching TV, watching Netflix, watching movies, basically any time we watch anything from home. But a quick glace at Wikipedia reminds us that couches are also used for other things like “sleeping, eating, jumping…and other improvised activities” (not sure what they mean by “improvised activities” — is couch acting a thing I am not aware of?). The point is, couches can be used for many things. It may be known for one thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have many other benfits to offer. Same can likely be said for your business.

2. Some Benefits Are Hidden

After reading #1, you may be thinking, “I own a food truck, what in the world do I have to offer besides delicious empanadas? What are my improvised activities?” Valid questions. Some extras we have aren’t always easy to see. Kinda like the pull-out bed. You may call it, a hide-a-bed, bed-couch or sleeper-sofa, but whatever name you give it, you should also call it awesome. It is a secret bed that is stored with the loose change and crumbs underneath the cushions. Your added benefits may not be visible at first glance, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

3. We Can Make It Fit

In addition to sleeper-sofas, couches come in many other shapes and sizes — love seats, L-shapes, and sectionals, just to name a few. No matter what your room looks like, you can find a couch to fit it. It is a good feeling to know that we have flexibility. I hate to be repetitive, but the same can be said for your business.

4. But We Shouldn’t Force It

Just because you can find a couch to fit your room, doesn’t mean you can force it through the door. I once helped a friend move and the worst part was moving the couch. It was big and awkward, and after more time spent spinning and twisting than a 1950’s dance, I thought we may have to saw the legs off to get it inside. We eventually got it inside, but it was a pain because we had to force it. Just because your business can be flexible, doesn’t mean you should force it. If you have a new family, don’t create a job that requires you to work 80 hours a week, 2000 miles away. Find a better fit.

5. Testing Helps

I have a friend who traveled to a bunch of furniture stores and tested out dozens of couches before she found the one she wanted. It took time, but she was happy with her decision. The couch fit the shape of her living room, fit her color scheme and most importantly, fit through the door. Want to know how to find a good fit. Test it.

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