What’s The Difference Between a Jr. & a II?

While watching USC men’s football take on ASU, I looked through the Trojan roster and noticed that a number of players had the suffix Jr., while others had II. For example, Michael Pittman Jr. and Ronald Jones II.

That got me wondering…

What’s The Difference Between a Jr. & a II?

Turns out there are a couple of differences. First off, to be a Jr., you must have the same first, middle and last name as your father. I don’t know what Michael Pittman Jr.’s middle name is, but whatever it is, it is the same as his father’s.

To be a II, you may fall into one of two categories. 1) you have a different middle name from your father, and/or 2) you may have an entirely different name from your father, but you may share the same name as your grandfather, or great-grandfather. So, Ronald Johnson may not share his father’s middle name, or he may share the same exact name with his grandfather.


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