Good News Tonight

America during World War II was not a pretty picture. Times were tough, the outlook was bleak and a grey cloud of uncertainty hung over the country. Picture The Walking Dead with less zombies and more polka dot dresses.

News was almost always negative…unless you were listening to a radio broadcast by Gabriel Heatter.

As uncommon as a celebrity marriage that doesn’t end in divorce, Heatter was a newsman known for his optimism. He began each broadcast with the following statement,

Good evening, everyone — there is good news tonight.”

He started this tradition after the U.S. Navy successfully sank a Japanese destroyer. The response was so positive that he kept the opening line alive every night, even when the only good news was of a dog doing something silly (I can only imagine what he would have done if he’d had the endless supply of funny cat videos on YouTube at his disposal). The country was looking for a reason to smile and Heatter took pride in being able provide that reason.

What’s most impressive is that Heatter wasn’t making up stories or ignoring bad news that need to be reported. He didn’t have exclusive access to a super-special good news network. He found a bright spot, even in the darkest of times, simply because he was looking for it.

Just by pointing out one good thing that happened that day, he became a breath of fresh air and booster of morale.

I would love to know what he would report today.

Many people are going to be upset with the results of tonight’s election. You may be one of them. But despite what happns, remember one thing. “There is good news tonight.”

You just have to look for it.

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