This Year In Wonder Why Wednesday

Here’s a list of all the things I have wondered (and then found the answer to) during the last 365 days. Enjoy…


Why Are Water Bottles 16.9 Ounces? – The answer was not what I expected.

Who Invented Rock-Paper-Scissors? – At some stage of our development, we all learn the game rock-paper-scissors. It happens somewhere after we become potty trained and before we start texting on the toilet. Find out where it all started.


Why Is The Iowa Caucus So Important? – I decided to answer this question rather than research Adele’s last name. See what I learned.

What Is The Longest Word In The English Language? – Does it really contain 189,819 letters?

Who Has The Most Instagram & Twitter Followers? – Check out the top 10 rankings for both social media platforms

Where Does The Phrase ‘Back To Square One’ Come From? – No one knows for sure, but here are 3 theories.


When Were Blinkers Put On Cars? – The creators of the turn signal wouldn’t be happy to learn that 57% of drivers do not use their invention.

What is Adele’s Last Name? – This is a question I have been wanting to ask for awhile. the wait is over.

Where Did The Name March Madness Come From? – Find out who came up with the popular name and when it was first coined.

Where did the term “Can on Corn” come from? – It is just one of many food-related sayings in baseball.


Where did April Fools Day come from? – This Wonder Why Wednesday happened on a Friday. Try to wrap your brain around that.

Who invented Yoga? – Fun fact: When you type “who invented yog” into a Google search, the top search is “who invented yoga pants.”

Who Invented The Pancake? – Whoever it is, I want to shake their hand and say thank you.

Can A Dog Catch A Cold From You? – No, but cats on the other hand…

Who Invented Clapping? – Spoiler alert: it was not Eric Clapton


What’s The Difference Between Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Gelato – This might be the tastiest Wonder Why Wednesday ever!

What Was The First Disney Movie? – Before I researched the answer, I guessed Fantasia…I was wrong.

Why Are Some Belly Buttons Innies & Some Outies? – Just like getting over a bad breakup, it is all about healing.


When Was The T-Shirt Invented? – This Wonder Why Wednesday all started when my brother asked why he never sees a picture of Ulysses S. Grant in short sleeves.

Where Did The Phrase “Head Honcho” Come From? – Most people think the phrase has Spanish origins, but most people would be wrong.

What Is The Best Selling Car? – The car that sold the most in 2015 has also been atop the sales charts since the 1980s. Find out what it is.

What Are The Origins of the Phrase “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”? – Pots and kettles look very different today.


How do fireworks work? – In this Wonder Why Wednesday post, I revisit a question I asked but then forgot the answer to.

When Were Contractions Invented? – I won’t spoil the answer here…get it…won’t.

Who Is The Phillips Head Screwdriver Named After? – There is a real Phillip who invented the thing. Find out who he was.


Why Do We Tell Actors To ‘Break A Leg’? – One British actress took the phrase a tad too literally.

What is a Code Adam? – When I saw it, I used to think I was part of a Jason Bourne-like operation and they were trying to send me a secret message.

Who is Reese? – You’ve probably enjoyed his Pieces or Peanut Butter Cups, but do you even know who he is?

Why Do We Say “The Butler Did It”? – Is it true that the woman who is responsible for this phrase was nearly killed by her butler?


Why Can’t We Wear White After Labor Day? – The answer may shock you…or maybe it won’t.

What Was The Largest Victory In Presidential Election History? – It happened in 1920. Do you know who won?

What is it Called When You Learn About Something and Then See it Everywhere? – It has an odd name.


Where Did The Phrase ‘Hold Your Horses’ Come From? – The answer makes a lot of sense.

Were Footballs Ever Really Made Out Of Pigskin? – The answer is disgusting.

What’s The Difference Between a Jr. & a II? – It is subtle, but determines your suffix.


Why Are Campaign Signs Found On Street Corners? – If you are just dying to relive the election, you can learn why we see so many campaign signs on street corners.

Who Named The Colors Of A Rainbow? – Spoiler: It is not the leprechaun from Lucky Charms.

Wonder Why Wednesday: Thanksgiving Edition – Home to all of my Thanksgiving related questions.


Why Do We Kiss Under Mistletoe? – Well, not you and me…

Are All Parking Spaces The Same Size? – Here we learn how big a packing space can be. I am terrible at parking, so I wish they were much bigger.

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