This Year In I Wish I Wrote It

Many times, I will read something online and immediately think, “that was great, I wish I wrote it.” I may not have written it, but I can still share it.

Here’s a recap of those examples from 2016…

Everything You Need to Know About New Year’s Resolutions – by Carolyn Gregoire
7 Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Single Day by Peter Economy
7 Mistakes We Make to Be Successful & What We Should Do Instead by Emma Seppala
How Successful People Manage Their Time by Amanda Foust
Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations by James Clear
What the Most Resilient People Have in Common by Lolly Daskal
The Complete Guide to Saving Money: Our 73 Favorite Tips—Ever!  by
A Poem About Room by Brad Montague
How To Only Do Things You Actually Want To Do by Christine Carter



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