Why I Would Not Be A Good Football Coach

In the sports world, scouting is a big deal. Teams have been known to lie, cheat and steal in order to learn everything they can about their opponent. Coaches binge watch game film of the team they are playing in much the same way that some women watch Gilmore Girls — I’m referring to the length of time, not the extreme focus on the quarterback’s relationship status, in case that wasn’t clear.

By knowing the plays their opponent will run in certain situations, a football team takes some of the guess work out of a highly unpredictable game.

Recently I have started hearing a lot about a different type of scouting going on in football — self scouting. Rather than spending all their time scouting their opponent, teams have begun scouting their own team. This allows them to spot some negative tendencies and areas for improvement, before their rivals can take advantage of them. Consider it a protein-packed version of personal reflection.

I’ve never been a football coach, but I imagine self scouting is harder than scouting the opposition. I bet it is fun for the New England Patriots to pick apart the weaknesses of the Buffalo Bills’ offense. I’m guessing it is not so much fun for Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick to admit that his offense may also have some weak spots of their own.

If I were a coach I know I would want to skip the self scouting sessions. Add that to the list of reasons why I would be a bad football coach. (Other reasons include: inability to grow a mustache, I don’t have a tough guy name like Knute Rockne and I would always tell my team to run the fumblerooski.)

I suppose that the fact that I would want to pass (football term) on self scouting shows how important it is — some of the hardest things in life are the most important, I think Knute Rockne said that. And in case you are starting to be concerned that is this becoming a football blog, fear not.

We can all benefit from some self scouting, especially this time of year, as we are working on goals and resolutions for 2017. We need to make sure to mix in some personal reflection.

If our goals are money related, we should look at our budget from last year. How did we do? Did we overestimate or underestimate our expenses?

If we have a desire to write more in 2017, we should reflect on the weak spots of our schedule and so we can prevent writer’s block from taking advantage.

I may never know difference between a 2 technique and a 4 technique (football terms) or why punters wear two different types of shoes, but I can learn a thing or two from football coaches.


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