Something I Left Out Yesterday

Yesterday I wrote that I would make a terrible football coach. My reasoning was that I don’t have a mustache, and I would not like to do a key element of coaching — self scouting.

My caution with personal refection has much to do with the concern that I will easily find too much negative. While that is true, I feel like I left out an important point in yesterday’s post…self scouting may help you find something positive.

It doesn’t have to all be negative.

A football coach may find a player or personnel package that has been successful, but somehow flown under the radar. They may spot a play that just seems to work every time, so they decide to add it into the gameplan more frequently.

Sure, they are looking for weaknesses and areas to improve, but it doesn’t all have to be about looking for negative.

Same goes for us.

For example, I have found that I am a much better writer when I write blog posts in clusters. My first post of the day may take an hour to write, but if I keep going, I can likely knock out 2-3 posts in short time after that. Knowing that I can write more posts after I get some momentum going will be very helpful as I plan my writing schedule for 2017.

Yes, I am still nervous that self scouting will uncover some negative things about my writing that I would rather be kept hidden. But I feel like yesterday’s post focused too much on the negative side of personal reflection. Let’s not forget that we can find some good qualities if we just look for them.


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