Side Effects May Include…

If you’ve ever seen a commercial for prescription drugs you are aware of the term, “side effects may include.” The commercial spends 20 seconds covering the many reasons why we should ask our doctor about their product. But the last 10 seconds feature the phrase “side effects may include” and then a laundry list of ridiculous things that might happen when starting the prescription. Many times the side effects outweigh anything that can be helped by the drug.

A similar thing happens in other aspects of our lives. In order to help, I will be offering 10 seconds of warning in a new segment called “Side Effects May Include…”.

When You Give Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions Before The End of January, Side Effects May Include…

– Chronic swelling of excuses.

– Abnormal ability to avoid the gym.

– Enlarged growth of regret.

– Increased risk of saying, “I will definitely be able to do it next year.”

– Decreased appetite for goal setting.

– Strange tendency to convince yourself that the year actually ends in January.

– Uncontrollable urge to start back up again in May and not tell anyone you took 3 months off.

– Unstoppable shrinking of your grit.

– Strange tendency to sweat more while walking up stairs.

– Plummeting number of goals achieved.

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