January Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of January:

Questions I Asked –

Why do we say “play it by ear”? – Find out why, when we begin to improvise, we use our ear and we do not play things by say, our knee or elbow?

Why Do We Throw Rice At Weddings? – Your drunk uncle throwing out his back out during the Electric Slide, isn’t the only thing thrown at weddings. Find out why.

Why Do We Say “Right Off The Bat”? – Find out if the bat is of the animal, or baseball variety.

Things We Learned –

Why I Would Not Be A Good Football Coach – Forget the fact that I would always run the fumblerooski, there is a new type of scouting that I know I would struggle with. (Here’s a follow up to the original post)

Why I Write My Goals In Crayon – Not just because I am a child trapped in a small adult’s body.

How to get some luck on Friday the 13th – And any day, for that matter.

A Writing Tip For The New Year – Turns out this trip can not only help us with reading books, but also writing books.

The side effects of giving up on your New Year’s resolutions in January – Consult your doctor is your resolution does not last longer than 4 hours.

An example of great writing from Stephen King – See how he paints a perfect picture of what the crowd looks like — race & emotions included — in just 16 words.

Fun With Numbers –

5 Things We Can Learn From SilverwareClick here if you want to learn from forks, knives and spoons.

5 Good Things – If you are having a rough day and need a pick me up, here are a few good things going on in the world.

10 Puzzles – Try these puzzles and let me know how many you solve. I got 6 right.

10 More Strange But True Facts – #10 is important for all men to read.

9 Weird Habits That Famous Writers Formed to Write Better – I want to try #5.

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