Why Does Stepping On A Lego Hurt So Much?

Yesterday I mentioned that there are few things you never want to step on.

Cracks (or you’ll break your mother’s back), giant holes (or you’ll break your own back), and legos (you’ll want to smack your child’s back) just to name a few.”

This got me wondering…

Why Does Stepping On A Lego Hurt So Much?

Before I looked this up, I expected the only results to say, “because they are hard and pointy, dummy.” Turns out I was right…but there is a little more science behind it.

Lego are made out of ABS plastic, which make the little bricks very strong and able to withstand a lot of weight. This is great when making a 10-foot tall replica version of the Effel Tower, but not so great when we step on them with our size 10 foot.

The bottom of our feet have over 200,000 sensory receptors, making them a lot like a a teenager in the midst of a break up…very sensitive and the slightest movement can result in screams.

Because Legos do not give way when we step on them, all the pressure from our weight concentrates on the point of contact. This = pain.

Here’s a fun video with more information.



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