5 Good Things

Having a rough week? Feel like there is nothing but negative stories online, on TV and in the newspaper? Looking for a little pick me up?

Here are 5 good things going on in our world…

  1. After Girl Scout Stand Is Robbed, Police Buy All Remaining Cookies And Donate Over $1,000 – A girl scout stand outside of a Union City, CA, supermarket was robbed by a gunman. Thankfully the girls were okay. To lift the girls’ spirits, the Union City Police Officers Association purchased all of the girl’s remaining boxes of cookies and gave them a very generous donation.
  2. Boy Battling Cancer to Receive 1,000 Valentine’s Day Cards – An Ohio community is coming together to send 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards for a 5-year-old boy battling cancer, all in the name of love.
  3. Dad Builds Ninja Warrior Training Course To Teach His Daughter Confidence – Gavin MacCall created a mini Ninja Warrior training course inside their home, using his sofa as a warped wall. And amazing thing happened when his daughter started using it.
  4. 2nd Grade Class Raises Money For Injured Dog After reading “Sheepdog in the Snow,” a book about some kids who find a stranded sheepdog with a broken leg, one 2nd grade class decided to put the lesson they just learned into action.
  5. Flying Actually Got Better Last Year For all you frequent fliers out there, I have good news…flying is getting better. Airlines are cancelling fewer flights and losing less bags.

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