Why Does Gum Lose Its Flavor?

In my recent post titled 5 Things We Can Learn From Gum I used the example of how gum loses its flavor to illustrate the point that nothing lasts forever. I mentioned how Fruit Stripe gum had a fantastically fruity flavor but it only lasted for about a minute.

This got me wondering — why does gum lose its flavor? Let’s find out in today’s edition of Wonder Why Wednesday…

Why Does Gum Lose Its Flavor?

Much like Pavlov’s dogs, the answer has to do with our saliva. According to ScienceMadeFun.net, the saliva in our mouth does not digest the gum base, but it does digest the sweeteners and flavors added to gum.

As you swallow while you chew, the digested sweeteners and flavorings move through your digestive system to your stomach. Eventually, you digest all the sweeteners and flavorings.”

It is at this point that we recognize that the flavor is all gone and we are just left with the gum base. No word on why some flavors last longer than others.


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